Club Sandwich Head Consultant, Kateena Mills, captured by the lovely  Kate at The Latest

Club Sandwich Head Consultant, Kateena Mills, captured by the lovely Kate at The Latest


Starting as a pipe dream during countless commutes and late night ‘what ifs’, Club Sandwich was born to the world in early 2019.

Club Sandwich exists to be the support squad, the clean-up crew and the encouraging nod through the sh*t times, and the cheerleaders, the back-slappers and the woo-girls (and boys) through the grand times! Owning your own business, especially one that employs a team, will inevitably be filled with highs and lows, probably in the same day, or hour!

Utilising our extensive knowledge of people in the workplace collected from years of traditional HR roles, project management, consulting and managing teams (as well as a degree in psychology, plenty of podcasts and YouTube videos); Club Sandwich are super keen to slip on in to your business and assist with any, and all, of your people needs!

Club Sandwich are Brisbane based but happy to work with businesses all over with the magic of the internet as well as planes, trains and automobiles!


Employment Hero

When it comes to your people there is a lot of documentation, processes, policies and requirements to do things properly and cover your bum as an employer.

Employment Hero is a complete HR management solution for small to medium businesses. The system offers paperless on-boarding, compliance confidence across contracts and policies, visa validation, paperless timesheets, employee management and documentation, employee engagement tools and performance review capabilities.

If you’re thinking that sounds pretty good, they also have their own payroll system, HeroPay with Award interpretation, rostering, time and attendance management and comprehensive reporting that is all single touch payroll compliant. If you are already loved up with your existing payroll provider, chances are Employment Hero connects directly to it as they link to Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB and KeyPay.

We can support your implementation and ongoing management of Employment Hero in your business, or set you up to run it yourself. If you have any questions give us a shout.


Yes Queen

“The Revolution of Kindness in the Workplace”. Doesn’t that just sound like something you want to be a part of?!

Yes Queen’s mission is to future-proof wellbeing at work by erasing bullying and cultivating safe, positive and inclusive cultures. is a resource for employers and employees to understand bullying, culture and wellness in the workplace. The goal is to help 500,000+ employees to be their most fearless selves in the workplace by tapping into soft skills like empathy, kindness and collaboration to build workplaces of the future.

Club Sandwich is a Yes Queen Approved Business and YQ Ambassador helping to spread the word and contribute to this important project! Club Sandwich is excited to be aligned with such a great cause and is committed to building workplaces that empower each other and succeed together!

If you’d like to know more about the Yes Queen initiative or how to integrate it into your own workplace, get in touch!


The Club

Our goal is to create a comprehensive network, or Club, of services provided by small business, for small business. Think a one stop shop for all things HR, bookkeeping, digital marketing, IT, copywriting, accounting, photography, legal, branding, social media, insurance, event management and everything in between; or around the edges!

To build out our Club we are on the hunt for like-minded businesses who provide biz products or services and love supporting SMEs to succeed as much as we do! If this sounds like you, or you’re a small business and you want us to know about your accountant, insurance broker, marketing guru, photographer, caterer, or cleaner; please get in touch!