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Event - Future Females - Managing for Success: Formal Performance Management

It might seem weird but we love supporting businesses through performance management processes. It can be one of the most difficult things to go through, for both the manager and employee, in an employment relationship. To play a part in making it a less awkward, less scary and more fair experience gives us a little buzz of satisfaction!

So when we were asked to speak about performance management at the latest Future Females event, we were pretty stoked!

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Featured - TalentVine LinkedIn - Setting expectations for new team members

The team from TalentVine are keen to promote positive HR and recruitment practices for all their clients and connections. I recently spoke to Connor from the TalentVine team about the importance of setting expectations for new hires and existing employees. We also sat down to have a chat about how Club Sandwich came about and what we hope to achieve!

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Have you got the right tool for the job?

I recently tweeted about psychometric assessments (if you don’t already follow me on Twitter I’m sure you can’t wait to now!) and was flooded with responses about what tools different business prefer and what they use the tests for. Evidently, some people are very passionate about why their test of choice is considerably better than another. I’ve used a number of different assessments over the years so thought I would share some of my insights on what to consider when looking to use psychometric assessments with your team.

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Stop treating others how you'd like to be treated.

We’ve all heard the age old saying (probably from our Mum) that goes “Treat others how you’d like to be treated”. This little diddy probably got a lot of us through our younger years with a little less biting, hair pulling or name calling than may have otherwise been our natural instinct. But, is this thought process the right one to carry into our working careers as people managers and colleagues?

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The key to business bliss

No big revelations here! It’s no surprise that communication is key in business; and life, really. We all know this, but still communication is consistently cited as the top frustrations among employees (and customers for that matter) when completing feedback surveys. Whether it is communication of expectations, communication between departments, or communication of the company direction and plans it is always up there, and most often sits across multiple facets of your business.

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