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Event - Future Females - Managing for Success: Formal Performance Management

It might seem weird but we love supporting businesses through performance management processes. It can be one of the most difficult things to go through, for both the manager and employee, in an employment relationship. To play a part in making it a less awkward, less scary and more fair experience gives us a little buzz of satisfaction!

So when we were asked to speak about performance management at the latest Future Females event, we were pretty stoked!

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Featured - TalentVine LinkedIn - Setting expectations for new team members

The team from TalentVine are keen to promote positive HR and recruitment practices for all their clients and connections. I recently spoke to Connor from the TalentVine team about the importance of setting expectations for new hires and existing employees. We also sat down to have a chat about how Club Sandwich came about and what we hope to achieve!

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Featured - Office Garden. Incorporating plants and flowers into your workspace

Nothing works better to breath new life and brighten up office spaces than fresh seasonal flowers. As Kateena Mills, Founder and People and Culture Consultant at Club Sandwich advises: “Plants look amazing and give an office space a visual clue and feeling of life and growth! However, they also clean the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which reduces negativity and stress. It can also reduce sick leave associated with respiratory complaints and headaches.”

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Event - WIDAC Brisbane - ‘Overcoming the Workplace Bully’

This event explored issues around bullying in the workplace, discussing what is considered to be bullying, processes and avenues available for resolution, empowering individuals to take action, and understanding the flow on impacts of our behaviour. Panelists answered questions from the WIDAC team and live anonymous questions from the members and guests.

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