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Featured - Office Garden. Incorporating plants and flowers into your workspace

Nothing works better to breath new life and brighten up office spaces than fresh seasonal flowers. As Kateena Mills, Founder and People and Culture Consultant at Club Sandwich advises: “Plants look amazing and give an office space a visual clue and feeling of life and growth! However, they also clean the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which reduces negativity and stress. It can also reduce sick leave associated with respiratory complaints and headaches.”

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NASA approved office decor that looks good, zaps negativity and reduces sick leave.

We are firmly on the indoor plant (mega) bandwagon and as I look around the office I can count 16 green friends that bring a heap of joy to my current outlook. But it isn’t just aesthetics that indoor plants have to offer. A report compiled by NASA in 1989 is still being referenced today as a source for the positive impacts of plants on our lives indoors.

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