Event - Talent Sandwich - Sustain your culture during growth

We recently teamed up with Steve from Talentrich to present our first breakfast workshop in a series we’ve called Talent Sandwich!

This workshop focused on how to assess, build and sustain a culture that will attract, retain and support your team while businesses scale.

We shared insights around:

  • The key culture levers businesses can use to define, influence and drive a positive workplace culture;

  • An audit of the performance and relevance of these levers in your business to take you through growth;

  • Activities and initiatives to reinforce, realign or transform your team culture;

  • Practical tips for setting your recruitment strategy for growth;

  • How to use the culture levers you have identified in your recruitment processes; and

  • Tips on how to assess candidates for culture fit and culture add.

If you’d like to come along to the next Talent Sandwich workshop please get in touch and you’ll be the first to hear!

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