Compliance is one of those necessary evils in running a business, and it has the added bonus of ensuring clarity and transparency within your team and workflows. Here’s a bit more info about some of the areas we can help in this space.


Employment Contracts

A set of simple, compliant employment contracts to suit your needs. We’ll explain what all the bits mean and why they are included to protect your business. We can also customise them for each of your team members and take care of the communication and implementation.

Policies & Procedures

Depending on your business there is a wide range of policies and procedures that might be required or preferred and there are also a few must haves. As it concerns your people. we have got you covered with preparing the documents, communicating them and training to team on them where required.


From having the correct documents sent out prior to commencement, to ensuring a structured induction program and recording all of the information and qualifications of your new starter we will make sure you have everything you need and can even take care of facilitating the process for you.

HR Information System (HRIS)

We work with Employment Hero, one of the most user-friendly HR information management systems out there, to bring simplicity, ease and peace-of-mind to managing your HR documentation, on-boarding and compliance processes. It also talks to your payroll system so there is a single source of truth!

Award review

Do you know which Award, if any, all of your team members are covered by? Are you sure you are paying in accordance with the Award, including overtime, allowances and loadings? Are you comfortable that you are enforcing correct breaks, managing hours of work and fulfilling consultation requirements? We can have a squiz and put together a cheat sheet of all the vital information to consider when hiring, firing or changing and keep you updated on changes in the relevant Awards that might impact your team.

Rehabilitation & Worker’s Comp

We can work with you, your team member and WorkCover (if required) to ensure your people are safely back to full duties as quickly as possible.