Your culture is one of your most important commodities, below are some ways we can help to make sure it is working for you and your team!


Core Values

We are evangelical about the power of a fabulous set of values! They can be used across so many facets of your business and help you to get clear on the people and the behaviours that you need to keep the fire burning in your belly and reach the lofty goals you have for your business! We can help design a set of values for your, or revamp the ones you have into lean, mean, culture-boosting machines!

Culture Activities

Great cultures don’t happen by accident. They take consistent focus and attention to curate and maintain and one way we have found to achieve this is through regular culture activities. Whether this is a tack-on to a monthly team meeting, or a dedicated team day out of the office, we can help you use the time you have to get your team engaged and championing your culture!

Team-building activities

We can hear the collective eye-rolls and groans, but getting to see our work colleagues in a different environment (or from a different angle if we’re making human pyramids) and working together to achieve a common goal (even if it is the tallest spaghetti tower) is a great way to strip away the day-to-day and remember that we’re all in this together!

Succession Planning

Making sure you’ve got the right people on-the-bus is crucial to your success, just as it is important to make sure that if someone does step off at the next stop (or they’re encouraged to do so) you’ve got a fabulous replacement to step up or over into their seat! We can help to regularly assess your workforce to identify high performers, risks and dead wood and put action plans in place to ensure the wheels on the bus keep going ‘round!


Helping you decode your organisational chart to find where you are best placed to recruit next (hint – it might not be the spot someone has just resigned from), and then making sure you can find and hire the right skills and cultural fit!


While there are compliance elements involved in an on-boarding process (i.e., locate the exits and those handy first-aiders!) it is also a great opportunity to continue to share insights into your culture, history and the ‘way we do things here’, after you have set the scene through your recruitment phases. 

Change management

Whether you are moving offices, restructuring, adding a second (or third or tenth) location, or introducing a new revenue stream, we can assist to make it a smooth transition. While this change might be exciting for you as the owner, it’s important to assess how these changes might impact on everyone in the team, and give them avenues to ask questions and have any concerns heard.