We’ve popped some of the specific ways we can help to have feedback flowing through your business like electricity down a power line!


Position Descriptions

To enable effective feedback, the expectations must first be clear! Position Descriptions (PDs) are a great tool for outlining what you need your team members to achieve and guidance around how they might do this, and how you will be measuring their success at the end of the day. We believe in short, sharp, results driven PDs to keep your people on track from wo to go!

Feedback Roadmap

How often do you need to meet with your team for optimal feedback opportunities? Our Feedback Roadmap helps to create a tailored feedback route for you and your team to ensure you are committed to consistent, realistic, and valuable communication touch points across time that are focused around the feedback that your team craves.

Performance Review

Reviewing performance is a key aspect of our Feedback Roadmap and utilises the Position Description and other carefully selected questions as a guide to reflect on how the employee is achieving, while providing positive and constructive feedback to carry forward.

Goal Setting

Working with teams and individuals to ensure their goals are serving the overall strategic goals of the business, as well as continuing to move their expertise and career forward. 

salary review

Creating structure and process is always important when the big-bucks are being tossed around! We can assist in developing a system for salary reviews that suits your team, whether you want to look at salary banding, performance-based incremental increases, bonus structures, or specific review criteria. We’ll then give you some tips on how best to communicate with your people to ensure that the cash you are shelling out is getting you bang for buck! 

Learning & Development Plan

This can be an extension of goal setting, or more specific identification and commitment to learning and development activities. We can work with you to have a look at individuals, or the business as a whole and suggest training, coaching, mentoring or personal study that can be supported by the business to ensure your team are performing at a high level and remaining engaged in their growth and career with you!

career planning

We believe the vast majority of the workforce is driven by career progression (but apparently us millennials are especially partial!). We’ll help you determine career pathways within your organisation and communicate these effectively with your team so they are clear on where they could be moving and what they need to do to increase their chances of getting there!

Engagement & Feedback Survey

While you might be talking to your people all day every day, giving them a forum to provide specific feedback on your business, and their experiences within it, in a safe, anonymous fashion allows you to collect many pearls of wisdom to inform your strategies moving forward. We can help you to formulate the questions, communicate the survey to the team and facilitate through from distribution to summary of results and even guide you through action planning to ensure the feedback loop is complete and real change eventuates.

Probation review

The first few months of employment are critical for both parties to suss each other out and decide whether you want to be dance partners for the foreseeable future, or if it’s time to bid the other adieux and sashay over to boogie with another. We will provide you with a structured set of conversations to have across those crucial months to ensure that everyone is on the same page and your new team member is getting up to speed and giving you that valuable ROI, ASAP!