We offer a full suite of traditional HR services, in a not-so-traditional way! We thrive on getting in to your business, understanding what makes you and your people tick, and delivering solutions that work for you!

Compliance Covered

Compliance Covered

People Matter(s)

People Matter(s)

Processes & Projects

Processes & Projects

We bet you might be wondering what all this is going to cost - the short answer is ‘it depends’, because you and your business are unique, and we want to treat you that way! To give you a ballpark we’ve popped a guide here.


People & Culture Services


We can tick all your boxes when it comes to employment contracts, employee policies, and on-boarding requirements, the biggest of these boxes being that you have them and they are working for you. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with the legalese and that you and your people understand the responsibilities and expectations outlined within the documents, through individual coaching and team training. We can even wrap it all up in a market-leading HRIS.

Employment Contracts | Polices & Procedures | Induction | HR Information System (HRIS) | Award Review | Rehab & Workers Comp


The ‘culture’ aspect of business is now cementing itself as one of the most important factors to success. Culture is all encompassing and lives and breathes in every one of your people. It is fostered in every interaction you have with them, they have with each other and they have with your customers! We can help you with a myriad of tools to assist you in corralling, boosting and showcasing your culture ensuring it is serving you and your people. Some of these tools might be to define your company purpose and values, incorporate culture elements into your documentation, or host some thought-provoking team activities.

Core Values | Culture Activities | Team Building Activities | Succession Planning | Recruitment | On-boarding | Change Management


Leaving your most valuable and probably most costly resource to run and develop by chance, might not get you the results you are after! A considered people strategy that supports your broader business strategy and goals is super important to ensure everyone is pushing/pulling/running/reaching/driving in the right direction! It allows you to look into the future of your workforce and build the team, capabilities, functions and structure to get you there.

People & Culture Strategy | Organisational Design | Organisational Restructure | Company Vision & Purpose Development/Alignment | Change Management


It’s no secret that feedback is one of the most important aspects of improving yourself or managing a team, so we’ve got you covered for gathering and acting on feedback in your business. From helping you design an effective one-on-one meeting agenda, to integrating a cohesive performance and development review and planning framework (our Feedback Roadmap!), or conducting your annual employee engagement and feedback survey, feedback is a two way street and we’re the traffic cop making sure it flows, baby!

Position Descriptions | Performance Review | Goal Setting | Salary Review | L&D Plan | Career Planning | Feedback Roadmap | Engagement & Feedback Survey | Probation Review


Does someone in your team need a knuckle sandwich (figuratively, of course)? We can support you through informal and formal disciplinary or performance management processes ensuring that everything is done ‘by the book’ and is as painless and fair as humanly possible. Same goes for investigating a general complaint, one of bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination, assisting with or facilitating mediation sessions. For all of these processes we’ll help with all the documentation, coaching around what to say, and what not to say, and can even attend the meetings with you. As they say - a problem shared is a problem halved!

These are the pieces that will be first to slide when times get busy, so let us help you rip off the bandaid so old wounds can get healin’.

Performance Management/Disciplinary | Termination | Redundancy | Workplace Complaint Handling | Workplace Investigation

Support Services


Do you have a client event or team celebration that you want to make spectacular but you’re not sure where to start, or do you have an office move coming up that you can’t see when you’ll have a minute to coordinate? Do you need someone to run an internal audit, implement a new system or manage your office move? This is why we are here! To help you through these times as smoothly as possible, as if we were a member of your team! We’re happy to admit when we aren’t an expert so if we don’t know how to help you then we’ll find someone who can.

Project Management | Change Management | Event Management | Misc.


We love a good, streamlined, aesthetically pleasing system or process that makes life easier for you and your people! We work with Employment Hero, one of the most user-friendly HR information management systems out there! It also talks to your payroll system (or we can implement one of those for you too)! From documenting your SOPs to being a system administrator to train your team, we can help add some structure to your organised chaos.

HR Information System (HRIS) | Payroll System | Business Process Improvement | Standard Operating Procedures


We have a strong background in business admin and believe that administration is one of the most important functions in a business. This department keeps things moving! We love the thought helping you tick away at tasks day-to-day or knocking over a time-consuming piece of admin that no one in your team has quite got around to doing. 

General Admin | Backup Support | Filing/Scanning/Archiving | Purchasing | Misc.