We’ve popped some more info below on how we could assist with some of the pieces around the edges of your business.


Project Management

Do you have a client event or team celebration that you want to make spectacular but you’re not sure where to start, or do you have an office move coming up that you can’t see when you’ll have a minute to coordinate? This is why we are here! To help you through these times as smoothly as possible, as if we were a member of your team!

Change Management

Whether you are moving offices, restructuring, adding a second (or third or tenth) location, or introducing a new revenue stream, we can assist to make it a smooth transition. While this change might be exciting for you as the owner, it’s important to assess how these changes might impact on everyone in the team, and give them avenues to ask questions and have any concerns heard. 

General or Admin Support

Whether you’re going paperless and so need a shed-load of filing and archiving done, or the glue that holds your office together is taking leave and so you need someone sticky to step in to keep things ticking, we can find a solution for you! From ad hoc projects to ongoing regular support we get great pleasure in supporting your team through tricky spots and too-hard-basket projects.

Internal Audit & Audit Prep

Have you got an audit coming up but all of your team are strapped for time? We can work with your internal resources to lighten the load an assist in getting all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed!

HR Information System (HRIS)

We work with Employment Hero, one of the most user-friendly HR information management systems out there, to bring simplicity, ease and peace-of-mind to managing your HR documentation, on-boarding and compliance processes. It also talks to your payroll system so there is a single source of truth!