Our Services - In More Detail

Our Bread and Butter page highlights the key areas we can help businesses, but we know that sometimes an old-fashioned laundry list of all the bits and bobs, is really what you need to sort out the wood from the trees!

Projects & Pieces

Project Management

Do you have a client event or team celebration that you want to make spectacular but you’re not sure where to start, or do you have an office move coming up that you can’t see when you’ll have a minute to coordinate? This is why we are here! To help you through these times as smoothly as possible, as if we were a member of your team!

General OR admin support

Whether you’re going paperless and so need a shed-load of filing and archiving done, or the glue that holds your office together is taking leave and so you need someone sticky to step in to keep things ticking, we can find a solution for you! From ad hoc projects to ongoing regular support we get great pleasure in supporting your team through tricky spots and too-hard-basket projects.


Employment Contracts

A set of simple, compliant employment contracts to suit your needs. We’ll explain what all the bits mean and why they are included to protect your business. We can also customise them for each of your team members and take care of the communication and implementation.

Policies & Procedures

Depending on your business there is a wide range of policies and procedures that might be required or preferred and there are also a few must haves. As it concerns your people. we have got you covered with preparing the documents, communicating them and training to team on them where required.


From having the correct documents sent out prior to commencement, to ensuring a structured induction program and recording all of the information and qualifications of your new starter we will make sure you have everything you need and can even take care of facilitating the process for you.


We work with Employment Hero, one of the most user-friendly HR information management systems out there, to bring simplicity, ease and peace-of-mind to managing your HR documentation and compliance processes and much more!

Modern Award Review

Do you know which Award, if any, all of your team members are covered by? Are you sure you are paying in accordance with the Award, including overtime, allowances and loadings? Are you comfortable that you are enforcing correct breaks, managing hours of work and fulfilling consultation requirements? We can have a squiz and put together a cheat sheet of all the vital information to consider when hiring, firing or changing and keep you updated on changes in the relevant Awards that might impact your team!

Rehabilitation & Worker’s Comp

We can work with you, your team member and WorkCover (if required) to ensure your people are safely back to full duties as quickly as possible.


Have you got an audit coming up but all of your team are strapped for time? We can work with your internal resources to lighten the load an assist in getting all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed!


Position Descriptions

To enable effective feedback, the expectations must first be clear! Position Descriptions (PDs) are a great tool for outlining what you need your team members to achieve and guidance around how they might do this, and how you will be measuring their success at the end of the day. We believe in short, sharp, results driven PDs to keep your people on track from wo to go!

Feedback Roadmap

How often do you need to meet with your team for optimal feedback opportunities? Our Feedback Roadmap helps to create a tailored feedback route for you and your team to ensure you are committed to consistent, realistic, and valuable communication touch points across time that are focused around the feedback that your team craves.

Performance Review

Reviewing performance is a key aspect of our Feedback Roadmap and utilises the Position Description and other carefully selected questions as a guide to reflect on how the employee is achieving, while providing positive and constructive feedback to carry forward.

Goal Setting

Working with teams and individuals to ensure their goals are serving the overall strategic goals of the business, as well as continuing to move their expertise and career forward. 

Salary review

Creating structure and process is always important when the big-bucks are being tossed around! We can assist in developing a system for salary reviews that suits your team, whether you want to look at salary banding, performance-based incremental increases, bonus structures, or specific review criteria. We’ll then give you some tips on how best to communicate with your people to ensure that the cash you are shelling out is getting you bang for buck! 

Learning & Development Plan

This can be an extension of goal setting, or more specific identification and commitment to learning and development activities. We can work with you to have a look at individuals, or the business as a whole and suggest training, coaching, mentoring or personal study that can be supported by the business to ensure your team are performing at a high level and remaining engaged in their growth and career with you!

Career planning

We believe the vast majority of the workforce is driven by career progression (but apparently us millennials are especially partial!). We’ll help you determine career pathways within your organisation and communicate these effectively with your team so they are clear on where they could be moving and what they need to do to increase their chances of getting there!

Probation Review

The first few months of employment are critical for both parties to suss each other out and decide whether you want to be dance partners for the foreseeable future, or if it’s time to bid the other adieux and sashay over to boogie with another. We will provide you with a structured set of conversations to have across those crucial months to ensure that everyone is on the same page and your new team member is getting up to speed and giving you that valuable ROI, ASAP!

Employee Survey

While you might be talking to your people all day every day, giving them a forum to provide specific feedback on your business, and their experiences within it, in a safe, anonymous fashion allows you to collect many pearls of wisdom to inform your strategies moving forward. We can help you to formulate the questions, communicate the survey to the team and facilitate through from distribution to summary of results and even guide you through action planning to ensure the feedback loop is complete and real change eventuates.

Customer Survey

Just as much as you’d love to know what your nearest and dearest thing about your business, it’s also pretty handy to collect information from your second most valuable group of stakeholders, your customers! Ask for Net Promotor Scores and feedback on any particular initiatives you’ve been working on or areas for focused development in future.


Core Values

We are evangelical about the power of a fabulous set of values! They can be used as tools across so many facets of your business and help you to get clear on the people and the behaviours that you need to keep the fire burning in your belly and reach the lofty goals you have for your business!

Culture activities

Great cultures don’t happen by accident. They take consistent focus and attention to curate and maintain and one way we have found to achieve this is through regular culture activities. Whether this is a tack-on to a monthly team meeting, or a dedicated team day out of the office, we can help you use the time you have to get your team engaged and championing your culture!

Team Building Activities

We can hear the collective eye-rolls and groans, but getting to see our work colleagues in a different environment (or from a different angle if we’re making human pyramids) and working together to achieve a common goal (even if it is the tallest spaghetti tower) is a great way to strip away the day-to-day and remember that we’re all in this together!

Succession planning

Making sure you’ve got the right people on-the-bus is crucial to your success, just as it is important to make sure that if someone does step off at the next stop (or they’re encouraged to check out the sights on foot), you’ve got a fabulous replacement to step up or over into their seat! We can help to regularly assess your workforce to identify high performers, risks and dead wood and put action plans in place to ensure the wheels on the bus keep going round!  


Helping you decode your organisational chart to find where you are best placed to recruit next (hint – it might not be the spot someone has just resigned from), and then making sure you can find and hire the right skills and cultural fit!


While there are compliance elements involved in an on-boarding process (i.e., locate the exits and those handy first-aiders!) it is also a great opportunity to continue to share insights into your culture, history and ‘way we do things here’, after you have set the scene through your recruitment phases. 

Change management

Whether you are moving offices, restructuring, adding a second (or third or tenth) location, or introducing a new revenue stream, we can assist to make it a smooth transition. While this change might be exciting for you as the owner, it’s important to assess how these changes might impact on everyone in the team, and give them avenues to ask questions and have any concerns heard.  


General or Admin support

We’ve popped this in two spots, because we think it’s an important one! Whether you’re going paperless and so need a shed-load of filing and archiving done, or the glue that holds your office together is taking leave and so you need someone sticky to step in to keep things ticking, we can find a solution for you! From ad hoc projects to ongoing regular support we get great pleasure in supporting your team through tricky spots and too-hard-basket projects.

Performance Management & Disciplinary

Taking things one step at a time, ensuring documentation is compliant and having clear communication are key to a smooth performance management or disciplinary process. We work with you to get your team member back on track, or if required move through the process as quickly as possible ensuring it is reasonable and respectful for all involved. 


It’s best if we can be involved when an issue is small, but sometimes we need to skip straight through to ending the employment relationship. We’re here to guide you, advise you of the risks, and ensure the process is fair, just and as painless as possible!


Whether you’re experiencing a downturn or operational needs have changed due to a restructure or other factors, we are here to step you through the preparation, consultation, documentation and finalisation of any redundancy processes required in your business. 

Workplace complaints

If you’re not sure how to respond to a complaint made by one of your team we can walk you through it, or you would prefer a ‘HR Manager’ be available for the team to reach out to, we can be that person! 

Workplace investigations

When things get serious, we are here to guide you, ensuring a fair and appropriate workplace investigation process, or we can manage and conduct the whole process as an independent party. You always get to maintain control of the final actions resulting from the investigation process (i.e., counselling, training, warning or termination), but we can advise and assist you in putting your decisions in motion.