Sometimes you just need someone to come in and take some of the stickiness out of a situation! We’ve detailed some areas below that we can be the wet-wipe to your icky mess!


Performance ManAgement & Disciplinary ACtion

Taking things one step at a time, ensuring documentation is compliant and having clear communication are key to a smooth performance management or disciplinary process. We work with you to get your team member back on track, or if required move through the process as quickly as possible ensuring it is reasonable and respectful for all involved. 


It’s best if we can be involved when an issue is small, but sometimes we need to skip straight through to ending the employment relationship. We’re here to guide you, advise you of the risks, and ensure the process is fair, just and as painless as possible!


Whether you’re experiencing a downturn or operational needs have changed due to a restructure or other factors, we are here to step you through the preparation, consultation, documentation and finalisation of any redundancy processes required in your business. 

Workplace complaint handling

If you’re not sure how to respond to a complaint made by one of your team, we can walk you through it, or you would prefer a ‘HR Manager’ be available for the team to reach out to, we can be that person! 

Workplace Investigation

When things get serious, we are here to guide you, ensuring a fair and appropriate workplace investigation process, or we can manage and conduct the whole process as an independent party. You always get to maintain control of the final actions resulting from the investigation process (i.e., counselling, training, warning or termination), but we can advise and assist you in putting your decisions in motion.